Engagement Ring Cupcakes

I made these engagement ring cupcakes for my good friend Amy. They are white cupcakes, frosted with vanilla butter cream. I made the engagement ring out of fondant and added a fake jewel for the diamond. After I molded the ring, I sprayed the rings with edible silver spray and then attached the fake jewel with frosting. Finally, I placed decorative wrappers around the cupcakes to add a more elegant look.Read more

Sunflower Wedding Cake

I did not make this cake. I did however, fix it and put the sunflowers and ribbons on the cake. This was my friend Hallie’s wedding cake, that came from a baker in Denver, Colorado. Her cake was suppose to be a three tiered square cake. Instead, the bakery made a round cake pans. They also put the wrong monogram on the middle tier. To top it off, her relative that picked up her cake from the bakery nearly hitRead more

Purple Fondant Wedding Cake With Leafs

I made this wedding cake as a gift for one of my best friends, Summer for her wedding. I have known Summer and her husband Justin for over five years, and I was honored to make their wedding cake. This is the first actual wedding cake I have made for someone’s wedding. I have made a few wedding cakes before, but they were never for anyone’s wedding, just for practice. All three tiers are marble and are covered with tintedRead more

Purple Wedding Cupcakes with leafs

I made these cupcakes to match Summer and Justin’s purple wedding cake. I used my 1M cake decorating tip to create the purple butter cream swirls on each cupcake. Then, I took the extra leafs that I made for Summer and Justin’s wedding cake and put one on the top of each swirl.Read more

White Fondant Wedding Cake

This is a three tiered wedding cake covered in white fondant. I made the cake just to get some extra decorating practice in before I make Summer’s wedding cake next week. The bottom 10 inch tier is chocolate, the middle 8 inch tier is strawberry, and the top 6 inch tier is red velvet. The top and the bottom tiers have a quilt design that I created with my fondant embosser and a ruler. I used butter cream frosting toRead more

Wedding Cakes

These are the wedding cakes she has made. If you are reading this and saying one of them looks like a baby shower cake, that’s because it is a baby shower cake. It’s practically the same thing, so chill out.Read more