Super Bowl XLVI Cake

This is a Superbowl XLVI Stadium cake that I made for the New England Patriots New York Giants 2012 Superbowl. The lemon poppy-seed cake was baked in my Nordic stadium bundt pan. I piped butter cream and stuck nonpareils sprinkles in it for the fans. The field is made out of green fondant. I used my Cake Cricut to cut the “XLVI’.Read more

Striped Square Cake

This is a cherry chip cake covered with marshmallow fondant. This is the third time I have tried to make marshmallow fondant. The first two times were unsuccessful. Marshmallow fondant is very sticky and frustrating to make by hand. The first time I tried to make it I didn’t own my kitchen aid mixer, so I had to knead it by hand. Seeing that I have arthritis in my hands and my fingers, kneading the sticky marshmallow “gooe” was difficultRead more

Purse Cake

The purse cake is an almond poppy seed cake with vanilla fondant. I used edible gold spray and edible pearl candies for decorations. I baked the cake in a 6 inch round cake pan and sliced it in half to get the purse shape. The handle of the purse is made from fondant.Read more

Watermelon Cake

This watermelon cake is a rainbow chip cake with butter cream frosting. I used rasins as the watermelon seeds. I got the idea for the watermelon cake from one of last summers issue of Women’s Day. This is the perfect summer cake for a barbque.Read more

Sports Cakes

Kate’s super into sports. Her favorite athlete is Tom Brady, because he hits lots of home runs. Making the cakes is probably her favorite part of throwing parties for the Super Bowl and other sporting events.Read more