Kate’s Cakes is a blog to show off all the wonderful and amazing cakes that Kate is possible of making. Kate has been making cakes for several years, and most of the cakes from Kate’s Cakes blog have been made within the last two years. Kate’s Cakes Blog was created by Kate’s husband, Kelan for her birthday.

Kate has taken four Wilton cake decorating courses at Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. Cake decorating is currently just a hobby for Kate, but hopefully Kates Cakes will turn into a business one day.

Kate Cakes is capable of making many different kinds of cakes for many special occasions or just for fun. Kates Cakes offers a variety of cake flavors, frostings and cake fillings. If you would like Kate’s Cakes to make a cake for you, e-mail Kate at katescakesblog@gmail.com or katescakescolorado@gmail.com.

I hope you liked what you saw on Kate’s Cakes Blog.

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