Sunflower Wedding Cake

I did not make this cake. I did however, fix it and put the sunflowers and ribbons on the cake. This was my friend Hallie’s wedding cake, that came from a baker in Denver, Colorado. Her cake was suppose to be a three tiered square cake. Instead, the bakery made a round cake pans. They also put the wrong monogram on the middle tier. To top it off, her relative that picked up her cake from the bakery nearly hit a deer on the way to the wedding site and nicked up the buttercream on all of the tiers.

The morning of the wedding she called me and asked me to come early, so I could try to salvage her cake. I had to scrape off the inccorect monogram and pipe a new one. I had tried my best to get the blue to match the ranch brand symbol and the “faith, hope, love” on the bottom tier. The wedding was north of Craig, Colorado and Walmart was the only store nearby with cake decorating supplies. They didn’t have much for food coloring, but luckily, they did have the decorating tips I needed to pipe the monogram. Due to lack of time, I had to use store bought frosting to patch up the nicks on the tiers. The nicks that weren’t fixable were covered with sunflowers.

Stacking the tiers was rather difficult with buttercream frosting. The stacked cakes I have made in the past have always been covered with fondant, making it easy to pick up and stack on each other. We had to use cake lifters to lift the tiers, instead of our hands. It was hard to get the cake lifters out from beneath the tiers without nicking the buttercream frosting. The cake turned out better than we expected. It was definately not perfect, but the bride was happy that we fixed it in time for the wedding.


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