Purple Fondant Wedding Cake With Leafs

I made this wedding cake as a gift for one of my best friends, Summer for her wedding. I have known Summer and her husband Justin for over five years, and I was honored to make their wedding cake. This is the first actual wedding cake I have made for someone’s wedding. I have made a few wedding cakes before, but they were never for anyone’s wedding, just for practice.

All three tiers are marble and are covered with tinted purple marshmallow fondant. I made leafs with my leaf plunger cutter to create the border on the bottom of each tier. Once I cut the leafs, I sprayed them with gold and silver edible food color. I had already tinted the fondant for the green leafs before I cut them. Once I covered each tier with fondant I placed them on top of each other.

Then, I used butter cream to stick the leafs around the bottom of the tiers. To add a finishing touch, Summer picked out a beautiful figurine cake topper that we used for the top tier.

The entire cake took 7 hours to make. This includes baking, making the fondant and decorating the cake.


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