White Fondant Wedding Cake

This is a three tiered wedding cake covered in white fondant. I made the cake just to get some extra decorating practice in before I make Summer’s wedding cake next week. The bottom 10 inch tier is chocolate, the middle 8 inch tier is strawberry, and the top 6 inch tier is red velvet. The top and the bottom tiers have a quilt design that I

created with my fondant embosser and a ruler. I used butter cream frosting to pipe the dots on the intersecting lines with decorating tip #5. For the middle layer, I piped scrolls with butter cream frosting with decorating tip #5 as well. I used a yellow ribbon as a border for each of the tiers. I used cake picks to display the fake yellow roses on the top tier. I came up with the idea for the cake, just by searching through wedding cake pictures on Google. My design came from several different wedding cakes that I found in my search. The white fondant wedding cake took me about 2 1/2 hours to bake and probably about 4 hours to make the fondant and decorate the cake.


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